Why should we use social media?

Digital Vish

Social Media Engagement makes your potential customer feel involved with your business through freedom of likes, shares, comments, tweets, dislikes etc. According to global digital report, social media users have reached 3.196 billion roughly 42% of the total population of the world in 2019.

Code Runner

Social Media gives you the power to reach a wide audience with your own personal touch. You can analyze your social media for better reach and product delivery.


Daily activity on social media builds trust and tells you how customer interacts to your products.

Which social media platform should I use for my business?

Digital Prakash

"Social Media Provides a Instant Connect and Relationship with your Customer. The frequency of usage of the social platform would depend on the nature of your business. Here are the top social paltforms with basic nature of the platform and user base.
Facebook - Widespread Audience (2.6 billion monthly active users)
Youtube - Widespread Audience (2 billion montlhy active users)
Instagram - Millenials, Womens and Young Population (1 billion + monthly active users)
Snapchat - Majority of Users between 18-29 (360 million monthly active users)
LinkedIn - To Connect with Businesses and Professionals (675 million Monthly active users)
Twitter - To connect with influential and affluent audience within 18-45 years (330 million monthly active users)
Pinterest - Majority usersare woman (335 million+ monthly active users)"

Anu Bhatti

It will depend on the type of business. Generally Facebook, Instagram & Youtube provides good results in less CPC or CPM.

Tom Riise

Platforms with facebook like instagram, whatsapp and facebook itself. Facebook platforms has billions of users and they give you many options like video ads, instagram story sign ups, marketplace, direct lead details, etc for better conversion then other platforms.

What to post to social media?

J. Rhodes

1. Videos 2.Live videos 3.Product Images 4. Inspirational Quotes 5.User geneated Content 6.Stories 7. Inforgraphics 8. Useful Articles & Blogs 9. Customer Questions with Answers 10. Events & Happenings 11. Content in Line with Current Trend 12. Contest & giveaways

Suraj Prakash

Engaging and Shareable contents like videos, live streams, memes, gifs, Q&A, contests, creative posts, etc.

Shail SIngh

Sharing new ideas and something refreshing to the audience through creative content. Current Trend in 2020 include bitesized video content, Interview & live streams, Contests & giveaways, Polls & Surveys, Memes, Catch the current trend, Host AMAs, Before & After,Screenshots, How to etc

What Not to Post on Social Media ?

Swapan Karamckar

1. Abusive Content 2.Wrong Information 3.Illegal Content 4.Copyrighted Materials 5.Hate Content 6.Wrongful Accusations 7. Adult Content 8. Important Personal Details 9. Poor Grammar & Spelling 10. Threats

Deepanshu Rajput

General laws are also applicable in social media. Dont share your personal pins, passwords, profanity, misguided informations, scams, Hateful content, etc

Ajay Rawat

Social media can be dangerous for spreading evil cause. Things not to post 1.Your location 2. Your Personal Details 3. Irrelevant Content 4.Wrong & Unverified Informations 5.Abusing or Threatening Online in Any Case 6. Spelling and Grammar Error 7. Ignoring customer feedbacks 8. Not updating details with your audience 9.Impersonations 10. Using copyrighted content without credits 11. Adult Contents

How often to post on social media for business 2020

Mayank ranjan

Short Answer Would be as Frequently as you can with a Proper Strategy, Quality and Advertising.
Recommended Post Per Platform
Facebook - 1 & Maximum of 2 posts per day with 8 hours Gap
Instagram - 2 & Max 3 Per Day with tie gap according to your audience insights
Linkedin- 1 Quality Content Per Day
Pinterest - 8-10 with Max 15 Pins Per day

John roberson

Each platform and each audience for particular business is different. More than frequency consistency matters. Be regular with your postings. Increase your number of posts if not getting improved results. But Quality in numbes equally important.

J. Rhodes

Start with 1-2 Daily post. Understand your audience. Experiment with different types of format like videos, gifs, motion pictures, bitsized videos, live streams, contests, inspirational thoughts, etc. Get the analytics after it and post according to it. Your frequency and Format is completed unique to you and your business.