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Web Design

In today’s digital world your website is your brand, your image, your business card. It is how you present your business to your customers. It is the bridge between you and your business growth.

Web designing is more of critical work than it is thought of. It is usually considered to be underrated most of the time. It involves a lot of perspectives from the client to customer point of view. It should answer the demands of both.

We have our team of web designers who are well equipped to transform an idea, a story into a visual reality.

The process they follow is well defined which are based on these design principles-

1. Simplicity

Customers love simplicity. It tells your character and how you do business and take your customers’ demands. A simple website not only justifies your brand easily but it is also easier for customers to easily navigate through your website.

2. Readability

No matter how beautiful your website is, if it is not readable it would be difficult for your customers to get your message. Your website should employ clear typography and simple language which explains your service.

3. Mobile compatibility and speed

Most of the people around the world use their phones to browse everything so it is most important your website is mobile friendly and has a good loading speed. The fast loading speed can be ensured by optimizing image sizes, combing code into a central CSS and JavaScript file as it reduces HTTP requests. Compressed HTML, JavaScript, and CSS also enhance loading speed.

4. Consistency

Your website should have a consistent flow of identity. The fonts, headings, subheadings, sizes, and button styles must be the same throughout. This can be ensured by planning everything in advance. Stick to your plan throughout the development. We provide a wide variety of websites-

I). Responsive websites

A responsive website is one that is designed to respond and adapt to any type of device which people are using over the world. Customers should have similar kind of experience on a smartphone, tablet, desktop laptop etc.

II). CMS Websites

A CMS(Content management system) website allows you to have control and manage content on your website without any type of technical training. You can very easily add, delete images and edit text in your web site on the fly. You can also have an unlimited number of pages and a full site-search engine. (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla in order to streamline development and allow clients an easy way to maintain and update their website.

III). E-Commerce Websites

These websites involve everything from the listing of products or services to the payment gateways & transactions.

IV). Mobile-first Web Design

These websites come with mobile-friendliness, fast loading speed and cutting edge mobile edge.

V). Custom Websites

The business needs vary from business to business, custom websites are best for clients with dynamic requirements that help them in showcasing their products and services in an empowered way.

Tools we use

Our web designers have great expertise in bringing ideas into reality. They employ all the best tools in the market- Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Dreamweaver, JSSEdit, Canva many more.

What you can expect from us?

  • Proper brand research to meet client expectations.
  • Designing all the website elements keeping the essence of the brand in mind.
  • Graphic designing of the product catalog.
  • Activities of advertising design.
  • Assisting Web Developers in page design and other work.
  • A clean and user-friendly website the integrates the brand value.

Your website design speaks about your company’s story and ethics. It is your company’s brochure. Most of the people ignore the importance of well-thought web design. Good web design can increase your credibility and engagement with your customers.

It is very important the people who are held responsible for your web designing understand your brand and story.

Here at L4RG, we are a team of experts who have a well defined process to deliver the best in the market. We understand our clients’ business to the core before we start anything. We provide the best possible solutions by designing the most user-friendly and customizable website. Our expert knowledge in related services like Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, etc will provide you the all round service. Contact Us today.