Pay Per Click Marketing

L4RG (Lead For Revenue Generation) is a PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing company working with a team of professionals to get the fast return on investments of the brands. Save Money.

Experts create imperative, qualitative, effective campaigns in social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram), Google ads, and slightly at some more platforms.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for a website but for an immediate response, L4RG offers PPC campaigns.

Pay Per Click Marketing

L4RG'S services on PPC marketing intake

Inclusive keyword Research

The professionals monitor the campaigns effectively, we provide the RIGHT searches through keyword research up-front.

Effective and efficient ad Creation

In order to get a high ROI and maximum conversion ratio, our expertise produces the most qualitative ads for your brand's preference.

Split testing

Comparison is essential to know the strength and be aware of imperative ideology, presentation, and content quality could be judged here smartly

Moreover, we'll create a landing page on your site for your preference to know about your visitors.

Remarketing campaigns

L4RG (Lead For Revenue Generation) stimulates the interest of past visitors in your product or services, we believe from our past experience that remarketing assists in increasing the sales or leads.

Provide proof of ROI

Our expertise has stood out advanced tools used in tracking the data of Google ads, Bing ads, or other PPC services. We highlight the best working conditions in the crowded market.

Let's Talk about PPC Marketing

What's Pay Per Click

Online marketing is done via several resources or channels such as Facebook, Google ads, Bing ads, and this technique is PPC marketing. Advertisers make the payments to the client when the customer clicks the ad through its landing page, for your consideration, in short, PPC is an effective way of buying traffic, moreover generating organic traffic to your website.

Why work with L4RG

L4RG's professionals know that their job is to build or create complicated internet marketing procedures as simple as chewing junk food.

Our dedicated experts are accessible with their creative ideas to manage your projects and queries. You can welcome the best PPC marketing agency for your business where you'll get to know everything about PPC and they will understand your business requirements

At L4RG we're creating an environment of extreme focus for customers. To avail of sustainable competition, building effective innovative ideas are essential.

Know, how can you approach to PPC reporting

Check anytime on Google's analytics for an overview or to know our performance

Visit the dashboard and glance at how your site is ranking by general keywords and phrases

Observe the monthly or weekly report sent to you to study our efforts and time spent on your brand's enhancement

We would love to have the discussion regarding your business wants and requirements, additionally will provide you a custom quote on the PPC campaign.