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Lead Generation Services


Leads are the foremost part of creating a strong client base for any type of scaling business. We provide a large number of potential, qualified, and targeted leads. In this world of technicality, appropriate lead generation services can take you forward to your potential customer based on their interest. It is the first step to bringing the customer inflow, and hence not to be neglected. We help you to generate more leads and our CRM team will help you to convert them into customers. Also, we know and understand that when it comes to Lead Generation, Quality and quantity both play an important role.

How It works!

  • Data Collection and Analyzing: Proper research is being done from advertisement and campaign launching to get you insightful data. We look at every step and every detailed information which we have received.
  • Segregation: We then segregate the leads according to the type of interest they have shown for your product and service and then we get started to work on them.
  • MQL: We provide Market Qualified Leads which have a high conversion rate and if answered quickly and appropriately to their queries, they can be converted into HQL.
  • HQL: Leads, customers who have shown direct interest in the service/product you provide can be described as Highly Qualified Leads. Handling HQL can be quite tricky and crucial, so we handle them with full care and precautions.
  • Bant Leads: Once, they are in, we take their consent to contact them for the next process, and then they can be converted into a customer.
  • CRM: After Bant Leads, CRM comes to their work and they try and explain how can your company be beneficial for them and finally they convert them to your customer.

How are we different from other service providers?

Well, we have a better workflow! This is how we work as a lead generation service provider!

Data Intelligence: We use data intelligence, a modern and efficient method to collect the data to fulfill your requirements. Data Intelligent is a scientific process to extract knowledge and insights from noisy, structured, and unstructured data using an algorithm and various methods.

Business Intelligence: We use Business Intelligence to make decisions based on collected data for the process. Business intelligence combines business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools, and infrastructure. It is very efficient and can hardly turn out to be wrong because it is data-driven.

Planning & Strategy: We plan and create strategies according to your requirements and what works best for you. Our business experts will prepare the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) for the identified/assigned depts & help consolidate the business revenue, growth, profits, etc.

Security and Tools: It is important to keep your data, insights, information, and research away from theft and danger. We help you with that by suggesting security tools for prevention from losing your data, software, hardware, website, app, etc.

Marketing & Branding: We help you to suggest what market, and what type of marketing and branding will work best for you. We take into consideration of data available from the campaigns and advertisements to make appropriate decisions. We have marketing and sales automation tools that can help increase productivity & smooth the process. We have the ability to develop a brand over a range of digital venues, including internet-based, relationships.

Sales Success: L4RG have experts available with us who are undoubtedly efficient and qualified to generate leads from various methods which include Google PPC, social media, email marketing, and content, marketing as per your requirements.

What do we do as Lead Generation Service providers?

  • Fewer Sales efforts with an increase in sales: We help you decrease the number of efforts your team has to execute per customer. As You receive a qualified lead, your efforts for sales decrease. As your customer already is in the requirement of your product/ services, you don’t have to waste your time convincing them. You just have to brief them about your service/product.
  • Continued follow-ups: Continue follow-ups are being taken from the interested leads to look out after them and convert them into customers.
  • Drawing in the customer: Once we get potential leads, our CRM team makes sure that those leads turn into a customer.
  • More Leads: We believe as many leads we have, as much customer inflow will increase. The more the better.
  • More Data: We also believe in collecting as much as possible data to convert them into potential leads.
  • More Loyal Customers: with numerous leads, we will get numerous customers and their loyalty.
  • Landing Pages: We work on your website landing page to make it more customer-centric and useful so that any customer who clicks on your website develops belief and trust in you. We also divide the landing page according to multiple types of targeted audiences according to their interest shown so that they land on the website service/product they are interested in.
  • Engaging Questions: We ask engaging questions to the leads who are interested to know them better and serve them accordingly.
  • Apply Branding: We apply branding methods at every stage to make them aware of your brand image, services, and products you offer.
  • Full Templates: We have ready-to-go templates you can share with your leads to know them better about their interests and needs.
  • Dynamic Results: We have always given better results with our working methods to our clients every term.
  • Segment: We divide your leads into different segments according to their needs and requirements so that we can work on them accordingly.
  • Integrate CRMs: We integrate CRM to Lead Generation services to convert your leads into customers on demand.
  • Top ways to generate leads: We use the following methods which have proven very effective to generate leads for you.
    Bulk SMS Marketing
    OBD or Voice Call Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Email marketing