B2B & B2C Lead Generation

Lead generation is a process of identifying and refining potential customers for a business’s products or services for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. It is the first step in the sales process thus the quality and quantity of the leads play a major role in getting potential customers.

We have come a long way from the traditional lead generation process of cold calling and cold emails because it was like finding a needle in the haystack. The lead generation techniques have undergone substantive changes in the recent years since the rise of the Internet. Cold Calling at one point in time was the best process of generating prospective clients. With the recent Digital Development, cold calling has had a dwindling effect. A variety of effective alternatives have taken its place.

Decoding the modern online techniques of Lead Generation

The new method like the traditional method is also founded on the fundamental idea of building a trusting relationship and demonstrating expertise but these goals are achieved online. Let’s walk through the different methods of generating leads that are being followed currently by the professionals.

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) can be defined as an approach or a technology for managing a company’s interaction and relationship with potential and existing customers with the main aim of improving business relationships, customer retention and nurturing sales growth. CRM systems are designed to gather information on customers via different channels of online marketing, it consolidates the information and documents into a single CRM database which can be easily accessed and managed. A CRM software has some common features like Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation, Contact Centre Automation and Geolocation technology, It’s been used by sales and marketing department for a long time now to produce effective results. Some of the main vendors of the CRM system are Sales Force, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle & Zoho.
    With cloud-based CRM businesses are freed from the hassle of installing bulky and expensive software in every single employee’s desktops computers and mobile devices. Today, data, software, and services are packed in a secure cloud environment making is easily available for the users working on same information to extract data at any time. It is cost-effective, easy to use and has flexible potential.
  • Online Registration is one of the most operative means of capturing ideal prospects. These leads are collected during the registration process on the website which increases the opportunity for conversion rate, it about finding the right customer at the right time.
  • Content Marketing is a technique for creating high quality, relevant content and distributing it to attract and engage a visibly defined set of audience. Content is King, it is the foundation of your online marketing efforts. A quality content, laden with effective keywords and well-communicated information can be found in search engines which can draw the targeted audience to your website.
  • Blogging one of the major avenues nowadays through which b2c and b2b marketers are generating direct leads. You can further promote your blog posts on the number of popular social media platforms available.
  • Search Engine Optimization gives you the tools to enhance your content and increases websites search ranking factor, therefore, attracting qualified customers. With more and more customers visiting the website it becomes easier to refine your sales process leading to higher conversion rate.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising also known as cost per click is a method of directing traffic to the website, in this module the advertiser pays a publisher a fee each time the ad is clicked. It is a way of purchasing visits to your website ultimately leading to higher quality leads. Advertisers bid on keyword relevant to their target audience and the ad is displayed when the keyword search matches your chosen keyword list.
  • Email Marketing is a method of sending out commercial messages to potential or current customers on their email with an intent to maintain & develop business relationships that expectantly results in increased sales. It is the basis and a key component of any marketing campaign to generate leads.
  • SMS Marketing is focused on reaching a targeted audience on their smartphones & tablets, through websites, E-mail, SMS, MMS, social media or mobile application. It uses permission-based text messages to promote products/services.
  • Webinars is similar to a seminar or an educational event like a lecture or a workshop conducted over the internet. The webinar has an interactive approach through which information is given, received and discussed in real time. Thus inviting more and more attendees and building a trusting relationship.
  • White Papers or e-Books offers credibility to the viewers which in turn can generate substantial leads, it’s one of the most commonly followed technique to gather organic data.
  • Online Video Marketing is an entertaining and easily understandable medium of marketing. Videos with relevant information about the product and services help to create a brand value. An interactive video helps garner more viewers which can play a vital lead generation process.
  • Direct Mail is still effective for targeted communication. So, are event marketing or trade shows which offers you the chance to define your brand elaborately and helps in establishing a personal connection with the participants.
  • Traditional Advertising (Radio, Print & TV) legacy media or traditional media like advertising through TV, radio, print ads were the old methods to produce leads at a desired cost which is still relevant. But the recent years have seen that a mix of both traditional media and the online new media is a more effective means of lead generation campaign.

The techniques, methods, and process of online lead generation be it b2b or b2c is vast and the internet has only made it easy and accessible. Online directories, retargeted ads, free online trails are some more means of gathering qualified leads.

Even with internet reigning the marketing world today, the traditional methods of the lead generation still play a significant role in gathering leads.