Google Cloud

Google Cloud Services by L4RG

Google Cloud Platform is provided by Google is a cloud of computing services that runs on the same framework as that of Google’s other products like youtube and google search engine. Google Cloud Platform provides infrastructure as a service(IaaS), platform as a service(PaaS), and serverless computing.

Companies using Google Cloud

  • New York Times
  • HSBC
  • Cognite
  • Bloomberg
  • Paypal
  • Sky

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Infrastructure modernization
Google Cloud offers a fast and flexible switch to a modern framework. AI integrated analytics creates a way to smoothen the process.

Data management
With Google Cloud infrastructure you can oversee your information and drive insights with Google Cloud's information and executive arrangements.

Application development
Google Clouds’ dynamic open-source platform lets you design, develop, test and run applications. It gives you the flexibility to work without operations staff.

Smart business analytics and AI
Google Cloud offers serverless Analytics reporting. All the data and insights can be accessed in real-time. Their AI enables accelerated innovation and integration of the latest updates and software which creates hassle-free management of services.

Productivity and work transformation
Google provides the platform to work together with cloud-based content collaboration, file sharing, and storage services. Through the cloud, you can easily manage users, software, and applications.

Role-based solutions
Businesses can be streamlined with Google Cloud solutions customized as per specific audiences and specific usage.