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L4RG was achieved over target (100%+) and record barke of the last 4 years of TATA Tele as per your management appreciation. “ Last month our team has done brilliant work in terms of lead creation and hope we can continue this with same momentum”. Let’s try to beat these number’s with a very healthy margin.


In the first half of 2019, the results were a major success for Amazon. They reported a 14 percent improvement in new customer acquisition. There is no doubt service of lead geneartis best and help to generate maximum revenue.

Golden Bees

Golden Bees, a subsidiary of Figaro Classifieds, is the first programmatic HR marketing agency in Europe. Looking to maximize new customer onboarding and increase sales, the agency opted for L4RG lead generation services and had precisely gotten 30% increase the sales.


GrowSteak Increases Leads by 5,166% as L4RG Partner

Before L4RG, GrowSteak faced several challenges around lead generation. Looking for a unique selling point, GrowSteak discovered the L4RG. Since joining the outsourcing the lead geenrtaion process to L4RG, GrowSteak has seen a 5,166% increase in leads generated overall and 61% more website traffic.


Huble Digital Makes Incredible Inroads with Inbound

Over 90% of Huble Digital business is now retainer-based, 59% of its own leads come through inbound, and it has been a L4RG Lead Generation Partner since February 2016.


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