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Want to step up your B2B Lead Generation Process

  • 16 Dec 2019

Want To Step Up Your B2B Lead Generation?

A lead generation is a process in which, you are just one step away from your client. All you need to do is to give them a value and a solution to their problem to grab their attention.

A good Lead Generation strategy is the spine of the company. Which ensures the future of the company and leads to sustainable growth. It involves creating a quality audience base and maintain the constant funnel of high intent-probability who you can turn them into a customer.

A well-optimized website performed by a B2B marketer to increase the quality of leads to your websites. Any website errors and unfriendly user interface can cripple the best marketing strategies as well.

We’ve come up with a combination of inbound and outbound marketing strategies to establish a sustainable channel. While an outbound is the most frequent way to acquire leads, at the same time inbound can be used to enhance your credibility resulting in more authentic leads to your website.

Here are some B2B lead generation strategies to Step Up your Credibility:-

  1. Content Marketing
  2. PPC-Pay Per Click
  3. Social Media Marketing 
  4. Ask Question to Get up to 50% of Conversion 
  5. Ensure High DA and trusted Backlink
  6. Step-Up your E-mail
  7. Webinar

Content Marketing

B2B content marketing is the dexterity of using to expand your business through exclusive content, by business, for business. While it’s a top-notch technique to enhance your audience, invigorate and develop a business affinity.

I know, B2B and B2C marketing sound similar, while most of the professionals make a mistake while advising someone.

Here are some pointers will help you to differentiate between B2B & B2C Content Marketing:-

Very Specified Target Audience Wide Target Audience
Long Buying Cycle Terse buying Cycle
Fewer Personal More value-driven Intense & privy audience target
Mostly based on a relationship with buyers Products are the priority
Seeking Efficiency and Expertise Audience seeking offers
Lead generation is Priority Target is brand building

But one fundamental of content marketing will remain the same that you should make engaging content with all facts clear. It doesn’t matter you are writing for B2B or B2C.

You know! Why most of the content marketing strategy got failed? Because they were so much focused, selling their product they forgot the basics at all.

The basics of content marketing that you should, sell the story before selling a product!

Moreover while planning content for the B2B market, you should standardize your content accordingly. Your content should be crisp and based on facts because this gone put up in front of all business professionals and marketers.

While creating content, some free tools will help you to write more efficiently and effectively.

Buzzsumo This tool will help you to find out the new content idea and trending topics about your topic. This tool will help you to examine your niche audience more deeply and helps you to connect with your audience more effectively.

CoSchedule Headlines are the most important part of your content. Because based on your heading, the reader decides to go through your content or not. This tool will help you to optimize your headings more efficiently and also tells you the score of your heading. So, you can constantly work and improvise your writing skills.



Well, Content Marketing and SEO are the slow process and would take up to 6 months to show results. But if you need results faster than PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is the best option available for you.

It can be super effective if you know your niche and target audience. But at the same time, it can be a bit more expensive according to your industry.

Before using Paid ads, you should very clear about your target audience at the same time you need to standardize your ad according to your budget. So, you can get a better ROI result.

While most of the people now a day are using (Adblock) so, there is quite a decent possibility that your banner and clickable ad, won’t appear to them.


Social Media Marketing

The power of Social media is invisible if you are holding business and your social media is not performing well, or you aren’t paying attention to them. So, you are losing about 60% to 80% of online traffic and also, not holding any online awareness and presence.

The website is the brand representation but your social media handles to enhance the credibility of your website and brand awareness as well.

There are several media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. Where every social media platform is having its industry reach. But when it comes to the B2B market, Linkedin is proven and effective generating the authentic lead.

But to generate leads from social media is not a piece of cake! You need to put a lot of strategies, tactics to get the result because it’s a large audience base and there is a lot of competitions going through.

You need to perform A/B Testing every week. So, you can find out which strategy is working and how effectively.

Another, and most important thing while doing social media marketing are competition analysis. Yes, you need yo put a keen eye on your competitors and analyze their process. So, in the future, you can use their techniques for your advancement.

While you can place ads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Ads placed in these sites can be highly targeted and would be more specific. You can set-up location, age, gender, and interest.


Get up to 50% of Conversion by Asking Question

In marketing customer feedback or to know what and how the customer wants? It would be a great asset to the business.

You know! The best way is to find insights, opinions about your audience is to run a survey. Yes! Surveys are the most inexpensive way to run are flexible. You just need to create a google form and attach it to your page. Their engagements in the present will lead you to the lead in the future.

Also, you can attach a google form in your E-mail list put up some MCQ in them. To get to know your customer feedback, which will help you to enhance and upgrade your business-model more efficiently.


Ensure High DA Website and trusted Backlink

“Backlinks” are the core of the website. There are two types of backlinks, one is Do-follow and another is No-Follow backlinks. Tools like Ahrefs and SeMrush would help you to analyze your competitor backlinks and provides the data at once.

As we mention that you always prefer a high DA website and if they are providing your do-follow backlinks as well. “Then its like cherry on the cake”! But one more thing your concern while posting on the website. That you must check its spam rate as well.

Yes, Spam rate one of the major concerns you took while posting on the website. Because in-case your website is getting a backlink from a website that is having a high spam rate, then it’s gone affect your website and to your keywords ranking as well.


Step-Up your E-mail

E-mail! Yes. we all use this and it seems to be very easy. You may be thinking, what’s the big deal in e-mail anyone can do this. Well, yes anyone can send e-mail, But just wait and check your mail-box. There are ton’s of e-mail in there some are in spam folder, some e-mail you know, and ton’s of you don’t. Checked?

So, let’s ask yourself, why you never opened those e-mails or why most of them landed into spam?

It’s not important that its easy and anyone can do this, Important this how you can stand out with your e-mail that leads your customer or an unknown person to open your mail.

Nobody is having time now a day! So, why people open your mail, I mean there must be a reason. Isn’t it?

We ain’t open mail unless we find them interesting or useful to us.

  • One-liners! Yes, your starting of the e-mail decides that the person is going to open your mail or not.
  • Memes! One of the highest engaging things you can do with memes. You can deliver the value and at the same time, you are trying to connect with the person as well.
  • Humor! Most of the people seek for this. A good humor link or mail can turn an unknown to your customer.
  • Don’t even try Marketing lingo. Get straight to the point in the most creative way to deliver all your information.
  • After, sending your first mail to send at least 2- follow-up emails. People got tons of emails every day they tend to get lost.


Just like we follow trends in fashion same you have to follow the trend in Digital Marketing. Because strategies which worked in 2016, won’t work in 2019 or 2020.

You always need to update yourself! A webinar is the best way to see. Well, webinar an online collaboration, which is being used to run seminars or services to the audience. Though, webinar gets high engagement rate in 2019, in comparison to others.

A webinar is one of the best ways to interact with your audience and get’s feedback from them.

While planning your next or first webinar apply these tips to make it more engaging and creative.

1. 60-Minutes or less:- Keep your webinar of an hour or less, because of long duration, participation may drop.

2. Quality is a must:- Use a standard quality micro-phone so that you audible to everyone and your voice should be clear.

3. Let them Participate:- Interacting with your audience is the key to generating leads. Organize polls, keep your participant attentive ask questions, keep them thinking, and make comments as well.

4. Don’t Rush:- Plan systematically and wisely, and left some space for Q & A. If you hurried or rant away, they will try to catch you and might drop as well.



B2B lead generation is a bit hard because you can’t just use other strategies that work for them. You need to be very attentive in your niche or product and that industry as well.

The key is to find your strategy, which will work for you, You can take the references from your competitors but at the end of the day. It’s you and your marketing skills.

Do you have any B2B lead generation strategy, you want to share? Comment down below we’d love to know about them in a comment below.