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Ten Reasons You Should Invest In Social Media Marketing | L4RG.com

  • 16 Oct 2020

Ten Reasons You Should Invest In Social Media Marketing

The financial burdens have resulted in putting pressure on many businesses and they look for affordable ways to market their business. The businesses rather than feeling confused and disturbed, can utilize the available opportunity and make their business online. The good news is that since most of the people are spending the majority of the time online than ever before, so there are lots of options by which you can reach to your customers digitally without spending a fortune. The first step towards increasing your online presence is to start using social media marketing services offered by experts that help increase your online visibility.

Today in the era of digitalization, it is important to make changes in the ways of advertising and marketing so that you can stay ahead of your competitors. The need to deploy an effective online social media strategy has increased mush post-COVID-19 as this pandemic has affected the revenues of many businesses.

Before we talk about the benefits of social media marketing, let’s have a quick look at some of the few top social media statistics for 2020 that will blow your mind.

Quick facts: It sounds quite interesting that today more than 85% of the entire population use the internet to stay updated with the latest developments and for the online purchases of goods and services as well. More than 3.5 billion people across the world use social media, with so much of business audiences using social media to connect, interact, browse, and even shop, investing in your social media platform marketing can prove to be a turning point in your business.

The power of social media marketing is so inspiring that Brands are riding the wave of social media marketing. More than 73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have brought significant results in their business (Buffer, 2019).

As per a survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex, more than 54% of social browsers use social media to research products.

More than 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media suggest the same brand to their friends and known ones.

Almost 50% of consumers claim that they depend on influencer recommendations on social media to inform their purchasing decision.

These are just a few stars in the sky, besides the above-mentioned stats, there are a lot of other motivating facts that inspire businesses to use social media marketing services. So if you are own a small business or a huge one, using social media marketing services can give you a great opportunity to make the most of your marketing activity. To make your business more accessible in the national and international markets, it’s better to use the services of an experienced Social media management Company so that you can enjoy the beneath benefits:


Top Reasons which makes Social Media Marketing more effective post-COVID - 19 pandemic.

Humans are essential stakeholders

The most vital stakeholder right now for the business are the humans who look for different search products and services from the comfort of their homes. In case you also have questions in your mind related to how you can grab the market share and how Social using the social media marketing services of a Social media management agency can help you, then first you need to stay calm and look for the most popular social media platforms so that your customers’ focus doesn’t get diverted at well. By making your online presence, you can offer different purchasing options to your customers as they are not able to see products in person which might make it difficult for some of them to understand the functioning of a particular product.


Through social media capitalization, you can stay connected with the prospective buyers

day Social media management Company plays an important role in making your online presence more impactful. These effective tools like SEO, SMO, etc. aimed at helping businesses to offer their products and services more innovatively. By deploying effective Social media management skills, businesses can get a chance to interact with their returning customers online.


Businesses can use the present opportunity to offer information about safety measures

This time can be utilized by the businesses to let customers feel safe while staying indoors and the same will help in the online promotion of their business. This is the crucial time and can be utilized for handling customer inquiries, shipping delays, etc. that can help to manage your business effectively in COVID-19 as well. You can get more active on social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to stay connected with all the customers.


Social media marketing is crucial for your business


Whether you own a small business or a big one, you need to make your online presence more impactful especially when the shopping trends among the customers are changing rapidly. But many time appointing new talents can overshoot the cost of your product by a significant amount, so in that case, using the services of a renowned Social media management company can help you a lot with their talented and an in-house team that will understand your requirement and will work accordingly at the lowest possible prices.

Better Sales


Every business is established to earn money and have more presence in the online marketing world. By hiring social media experts, you can expect to get better results within a shorter period only. For small businesses, even a single second is important and it can help in getting higher returns on the investment. The good news is that 64% of small businesses recently reported that online social media marketing helped them in getting higher ROI as compared to offline marketing, the figures increase much.


Tracking becomes easy


By getting in touch with social media experts, you can track conversion codes and can also know the reasons for the lower conversion rate (if there are any). By tracking customer’s performance on social media platforms, you can make the desired changes to get better results. Since the social media channels are always changing, with new features, so you can easily track performance and make changes accordingly to get higher ROI.


Quality content

To keep your business’s social media profiles engaging, the social media experts will make sure that they are adopting the best marketing strategies to deliver maximum results. Quality content is worth taking the time to create, whether you are coming up with a new product or service or announcing changes in the existing ones, informing the public about the same more creatively will help your business to get tangible results. By adding relevant content, you can make your future customers engaged in your products. Some of the ways of adding content include Instagram and Snapchat Stories on different social networking sites, which will increase your web traffic.

Digitalization has brought tremendous improvement in the online content, now the businesses are taking using influencing videos to share their products and services to inspire the audience. Whether you are making long or short videos accessible on social media platforms, in case you have some motivational message, your videos will be liked and shared by others on several social media platforms. People will spend significant time watching the videos through their smartphones and laptops, which in turn will increase the viewership. Adding videos to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. is another way to get recognition by more viewers.


You can promote your brand in global markets

By using Social media marketing services, a business can market and advertise their products nationally and internationally as well. People will view, like, and even share your products as well with the other social communities only if they found your products useful and beneficial to them. Social media means getting social with people. Having your social media presence will help put you among your present and future customers. If done in an impactful way, social media marketing can let you collaborate with the global business community for the long term.


Most effective tool

The social media marketing experts consider using the latest and most effective tools for your business, which in turn will help in increasing the online presence of your business. More number of people will talk about your brand positively and will take interest in all your upcoming launces as well; the social media exerts design best campaigns for your business so that you can target your future audience in an encouraging manner. From a business point of view, using social media marketing has proved to be an effective tool. Today social media platforms play an important role in targeting the audience; platforms like Facebook and Instagram have dominated social media platform and is one of the best ways to make your brand visible and accessible to more number of people.


You can get Instant feedback

Social media is the quickest way to communicate with your existing and new customers; even you can get instant and genuine feedback from the viewers as well. By using the feedback shared by the viewers, you can make future marketing strategies aiming to improve the overall quality of the marketing campaigns. Your social media fans and followers are like your brand ambassadors who will share your content or offerings with their friends and will give your business free exposure to new potential customers who look for the similar kind of products. You can also encourage your loyal followers and customers to share your business on social media and share their reviews. As per the stats, more than 70% of the consumers who have a positive experience with your brand love to share their experience on social media platforms

The usage of the internet has increased over the last many years and, there has been a steep increase in the number of online customers. So to meet the requirements of the customers who now prepare safe shopping options, it’s better to appoint a renowned Social media management agency that can help you grow your business tremendously both nationally as well as internationally. Appointing a social media marketing company in India is one of the cost-effective and easiest ways to manage online marketing campaigns, by hiring professionals will allow you to focus on other more relevant areas while the social media experts will take care of social media campaigns in an enriched way.

No two businesses are the same, and therefore their social media plan also differs. By hiring experts you can get the best social media campaigns aimed towards the success of your business, the professionals study the latest market trends in your business and will then come up with the best social media plan for your business. Contact L4RG (Lead for Revenue Generation) to get the best customized online social media marketing packages designed for your business; the experts here will help in making your brand accessible on different social media sites that are being used by an increasing number of users.

Why us


A Quick transformation of business

By appointing the best social media marketing agency, you can get a full range of services including at the most affordable rates. No matter how attractive your products or services are, in case you don’t have an online presence to showcase your products then you will not be able to target your customers. Using the services of a professional social media management company, you can get a complete digital transformation of your business or brand.


Flexible approach

Though there are many other ways to make your products accessible, making your active social media presence has become imperative. Businesses at present have many influencing reasons to invest in effective social media marketing strategies. You can use social media marketing services and get customized social marketing plans that can be run on different social networking sites.



Hiring an experienced and professional social media marketing company is the key to have a better online presence, you can appoint any level executive or manager for running your business’ online marketing projects and they will give you the best quality results. You can make a lot of savings in terms of social marketing work by social media outsourcing the work to the qualified digital marketing experts rather than arranging for the in-house resource management team.


Better ROI

In addition to creating better accessibility of your company’s products and services, a social marketing agency will leave no stone untouched in delivering maximum profits to you. Also by using the services of a social marketing firm you can enjoy higher returns in your business.

Social media marketing is the best way through which you can divert the minds of your customers with quality content. Depending on the type of business you own, you can get the best Social media marketing service done right now. So don’t let the existing situation affect your business online; rather you must get in touch with the professionals at L4RG which a leading a Social media management company and will help you to grow your business. Businesses can promote their brand in the national and international market by hiring a social media marketing agency. By hiring social media marketing services providers you can get the best media campaigns aimed towards the success of your business. The professionals at L4RG will consider the most effective trends in your business before preparing the best social media plan for your business.

So make your brand more accessible by hiring the professionals!!

Social media marketing helps in providing higher conversion benefits after COVID-19 Pandemic!