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Technology Trends Reshaping Our Lives During COVID-19 - L4RG

  • 07 July 2020

Technology Trends Reshaping Our Lives During COVID - 19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Situation had devastated each and every person’s personal as well as professional life. Nobody knows when everything will get normal and the world economy will heal itself to normal. In many organizations, work-from-home is the new normal and they are following this to survive in this pandemic.

Many schools and colleges are holding online classes to complete their syllabus, Social distancing is the new standard is everyone’s life. Many eCommerce Companies are making COVID-safe deliveries of products to their customers.

To overcome these hurdles there are some new tech trends which are booming in this pandemic and are helping much organization in their survival.

Let’s start the journey and know more about those technology trends in more detail.


Virtual/Online Meetings

This is the new face of meeting and discussing hurdles in this pandemic. Due to limitations in face-to-face meetings and travelings, Virtual meetings are helping the organizations in discussing the hurdles more efficiently.

Many digital meeting apps and websites are gaining attention, Zoom, and Google Meet have already seen the spike in their number of users. With the help of online meetings, we can do meetings with 4-5 attendees to massive international conferences and can also do a workshop with thousands of people.


Digital Payment Platforms

It is believed and is true that cash may carry the virus with it. Many countries’ governments have already started implementing a few measures with their banknotes and are trying to keep them clean and virus-free.

The digital payment was known before this pandemic, but it is booming in this situation. Everyone prefers doing payment contactless, via their cards, e-wallets, and other digital ways. With the help of digital payment, one can pay goods, services, and even utility bills online or digitally.


E-Classes (The New Schools)

A huge part of academics has moved online. Many education organizations are shifting to online classes or E-Classes so that they can complete their syllabus smoothly. With the help of online classes, the students and teachers will meet online or digitally via their cell phones, tabs, and laptops and can do their regular classes there.



Telehealth is the new way to meet the doctors online and discuss your health-related problems with them. Due to this COVID-19, many organizations are finding new ways so that the doctors and patients can meet each other virtually.

Telehealth is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19, with the integration of chatbots and IoT one can easily recognize the symptoms of COVID-19 with him/her.


Robotics and Drones

Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, we realized how much we depend on human experiences to make our things work. Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Food are some of the few areas which drastically got affected by the pandemic and are labor-intensive businesses.

To overcome these problems many industries are driving the use of robots and robotics work. These can be very helpful and can deliver foods and other essentials to the infected areas more efficiently. We have seen many of these cases in recent times.


Online Entertainment

The most irritating part about this lockdown and quarantine is entertainment. We got limited to the ways of doing entertainment. With limitations in going outside the house, meeting people we have nothing to do. Online entertainment is gaining more popularity in this pandemic.

Cloud raves and online concert streaming have gained popularity across the globe. Digital tours are provided at museums and cultural heritage sites.

Online gaming traffic has also been going up since the outbreak.


Final Thoughts

We are now all well-known about how COVID-19 has shown the value of digital transformation in many fields. People are not stopping in this pandemic, They are trying to do their work in any way. We don’t know when the situation will become normal, but we can’t even stop. Many organizations are switching to the digital world. They are performing their regular works digitally. In the end, It’s just a phase and we have to tackle this together.


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