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  • 16 Jan 2020


Before giving any technical terms and facts. Let me ask you a simple question. How much time do you spend on social media? Okay, One more! How much time did you check your Social Media for a newsfeed or randomly scrolling the feed?

Now Let’s get into some stats. So, the average person spends approx 2 hours and 23 minutes on social media.

Roughly there are 45% of the population use social media, however, there are approx 400 Million active users daily. While 60% of users say they are daily connected to social media.

Did you know who leads the pack?

It’s a kind an obvious, where there is one social media platform consisting of the largest user base. You already know, no surprise in this! Facebook leads the pack, with an average of 58 minutes per day with 1.62 billion people logs onto Facebook daily.

The second place is taken by Instagram with a very close margin of 53minutes spent per day. Duh! It’s own by Facebook only. So, there compete with themselves only. However, Youtube consists of 40 minutes of user base daily.

But this not what surprised us, What did surprise us that Twitter has an unexpectable engaging ratio of just 3 minutes per day. It’s kinda surprising, but it is what it is!

One thing is crystal clear! That there are a huge number of audience base present on social media. You just need to know, how to acquire them into your potential customer.

2018 is been busy with most of the upside-down year for social media. There were a lot of updates in algorithms on all social media platforms.

But now it’s time to review and update our social media strategies.


Engagement is the Key to Success

In the early stage of 2018, Facebook updates its algorithm and focused more on meaningful interaction on the posts.

Genuine Content is still the priority! This means the updated algorithm favors the content, which sparks a genuine conversation between the users. Which drive a lot of page owners and marketer to create more genuine and engaging content.

As surviving in organic search is getting harder, there are only 3 way’s you can still get an edge in Facebook Marketing.

  • Compelling
  • Engaging
  • Alluring

If you are still, looking for a short way to get an engagement that’s gone hit hard upon your page only. However, Algorithms are getting smarter day by day; so, there are probably no short ways for legitimate engagement. You just can’t rely on old tactics to ask the audience for comment, Like and Share on your post.

There is another thing you must know! That there are scathing engagement bait techniques, So, if you are still using those techniques; you may lose your existing reach in the long run.


Monitor What’s Your Competitors are Doing

The reason for your success sometimes comes from your competitor! Competitor analysis is the core of any marketing team. To understand market trends, sometimes the company performs a third party analysis to dig deeper to find a competitor number.

By analyzing their social media platform, you can easily figure out to strategize your own social media strategy. We are not saying to steal or copy their creativity, you just get to know; whats working for them and how you can implement for your good.


Video Content Marketing

Now, the need for video-content is higher than ever! Video content gets approx 1,200 more shares than text and image combined.

Across all networks, video content is the most viewed and shared content according to stats. As you’ve observed by yourself, Facebook and Instagram also pushing video content very hard.

It’s a Gif, Short Video, Live or looping video? There is an end number of ways to promote your content through video. There is a wide network of videos all over the space. You’ve gone relate to this we click on one video and end up on the other end, those videos engage us so badly that we barely remember the time and end up on something else.



In this blog, we’ve tried to offer some value about social media marketing. However, there are some genuine ways you can use, still to get an edge through organic. Duh! That’s not it… We have a lot more value to share about social media marketing for our readers to outnumber your competitors. Stay with us and we come up with some more value to add your business! If you have any other idea or a strategy, the comment section is an open place for all.