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Optimize your Landing Page for Lead Generation

  • 21 Jan 2020

How to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Lead Generation?

Believe it or not at the end of the day results matter.

And how you will get the results?

Sales, or in other words building your own community of customers that will bring more.

All the hustle is to make a perfect b2b lead generation landing page which will be your lead magnet that will drive a ton of traffic and conversions.

I have been building a lot of landing pages to promote ebooks, products, subscription-based services, etc. Initially, I could not make a landing page that would align with the purpose of building it. Later through revisions, I have built a great lead magnet that was driving a ton of conversions.

I have seen some patterns that worked for me and would love to share it with my readers.

Before starting off building your landing page, ask yourself:


What do I want to achieve with my landing page?

A definite goal is what gives a clear direction. Asking this question will help you to align with the very purpose of building your landing page. Define your goals with numbers, it can be anything- conversions, subscribers, sign-ups, followers, buyers or ultimately money on a sheet of paper before you start doing anything.

Who is my audience or customer?

It is like aiming blindly if you don’t know exactly who is your customer. Dig a deep down in your research and try to put your customer on a piece of paper.

What do they do? What do they like? What are their hobbies? How much they earn? How much and where they spend? What do they want to pursue, their dreams? Their age, color, native place, everything and anything you could find through your research will help you to understand your customer from the core.

How someone would get to my landing page?

After you know who exactly is your audience, you should map the journey of the customer when he or she lands on your page.

Starting from the point of time when they do a search query in the Google search box or have followed your content from Facebook or Linkedin to the time when he/she puts the details of his/her credit card on your landing page.

Who is my competition?

Asking this question will help you to jot down how your landing page should look like, what should be included or neglected in order to be better than anyone else’s.

Asking questions will help you to get clarity with proper Goal Setting in your b2b lead generation processes. Now, you have a pretty clear picture with your competitor research, let’s come to those actionable tips that have generated me a ton of business.


1. Keep It Simple And Clear

Believe me or not this is the whole idea behind how your prospect or the user who has come to your landing page is converted to your customer.

Keeping things simple and clear is a direct indication to someone that you are legit and you are here to provide value and not to steal.

You rbbber the famous quote- “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”- Simon Sinek.


2. The Hook

There is that one pain point you are going to solve with your campaign. As the name suggests, Hook is the only thing that will make your customers stay and think about why they should buy it and whether they should buy it or not.

The Hook will make your customers fall deeper into your b2b lead generation funnel. Make it unique and enticing that people can’t resist falling into.


3. Incorporate Imagery or Videos

Images and videos grab attention. Images and videos in any content make it lighter and easier for a reader to digest.

You should use images and videos around your customer’s pain point and show thb how you are going to solve with your product or service.


4. Make Thb Envision What Will They Experience After Getting the Offer

Like I said before, everything including images, videos, and content should make your customers feel the experience from having it.

Use your happy customer faces to which people can relate thbselves to or want to relate to.


5. Include Q&A

You can also include the relevant common questions people have. This brings clarity in your customer’s mind which is good for thb to make their decision.


6. Use Signals of Social Proof

Use social proof like testimonials, short videos, and words of happy faces to build a sense of trust and humanism.

You can also use social media platforms to promote your landing page for your lead generation campaign. You can check out a guide that we have created on how to use twitter for b2b lead generation.

We, humans, are social beings and love to connect to each other. Most of the time we indulge in a sense of relationship without even knowing.


7. “What to expect” Explanation

When a prospect comes on your landing page they would want to know the nitty-gritty of what offer or service they are availing.

Your landing page should have an explanation of “What to Expect” from you after they become your customer. That will be the reason- why you are offering what you are offering.


8. Funnelling Into Product/Service

Mention related products and services to the one they have come for. This is the part of upselling and cross-selling.

Lead nurturing of b2b leads plays a huge role in funnelling of your lead generation campaigns. This is the part when done right will increase your conversions hugely.

The idea behind this is to push down your lead/customer down into your b2b lead generation funnel strategy. Make sure they are relevant and support your authenticity.


9. Form Stand out in UI

Make your form stand out in the midst of the content you are providing on your landing page.

Leverage the contrast difference from the background to make your form stand out on your landing page.

Your form is the one-stop destination for everything you want to make to make your customers understand, hook, and make the decision.

The headline on your form can ask a question that your customer’s ideal persona has and the CTA(call-to-action) offers the answer.


10. Use the Pain Point

Use the pain point to strategize everything you have to display on your landing page. From images, videos, content, colors & visuals to call to action button.

Understanding the pain point is the ultimate goal. That is the whole point of launching a b2b lead generation campaign. When you get done with it, everything else is easy. Use your thbe including images and video and UI to explain how you are solving the customer’s pain point.


11. Produce urgency

Use the old strategy of using a timer to incur urgency in your customer’s mind. Make sure your is totally into the offer before they really feel the urgency. So put that after everything that will make your customer understand your offer.


12. Include social share links

This is part where everything starts working for you all by itself.

Make sure including social share links or buttons on your landing page. Seeing your content/offer valuable, the customer tends to share it with others and will make new customers naturally.


13. Recommend additional and relevant content links

Apart from mentioning relevant and related products and offers you can also add relevant content links present on your site.

This little trick will make your customer land on a different page promoting a different product.


14. Co-marketing/ Influencer marketing

Social proof using testimonials and peoples’ reviews is effective, but co-marketing or influencer marketing has its own impact on the customer. This makes your customers admire these influencers.

You have to be very careful while choosing to collab with any influencer. It should look relevant, and align with your customers’ interests.


15. Minimalistic Designs

Minimalistic designs of icons, images, and videos help your customers to get the right idea and still let thb focus on the very message you want to deliver.

Although there are infinite ways to play with customers’ psychology, from building a landing page to an ultimate lead magnet is one of the toughest things to do in any business.

And the most important thing is to track your results. The best way is to keep track of some b2b lead generation KPIs that will help you to streamline your processes.

I have shared the ways that worked well for us. We would love to hear your side of the hustle too.