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  • 16 Dec 2020

Marketing Trends for the new Normal of Constant Change

The process of evolution is inevitable, the priorities of a customer and the ways of buying or selling products have also changed. In order to keep up with these ways, the market must also change while bringing in the best digital marketing company. Several CEOs of big giants are honing thing management skills to exploit the changes for their own advantage and stay ahead of the curve. Their tempo to adapt is quick and swift in the marketing world.

Not all changes are necessary and significant in nature and some changes are confined to a particular industry. This blog will address the constant changes as the new normal among digital marketing companies. But before going further we must understand the customer’s behavior.


Understanding the Customer

The needs and wants of the customer are changing constantly to address these issues new products and services are created every day. Developing these plans being prepared in advance for future customers will generate profit but this process always stays in the evolving stages. For any digital marketing agency, this has a two-fold significance first is that they must not assume the customer will be available tomorrow, and secondly, they must always be certain that they have adequate research from multiple market sources.

A consumer usually has the tendency to get any product or service from the comfort of their home. And the last nudge to this behavior was the lockdown down due to the pandemic. It has disrupted most of every day’s routine, it compelled people to give up their regular routines like going to gyms, going to school or colleges or offices. Due to these changes, it is making that same customer somewhat lazy and now he wants everything right at his doorstep.


How digital marketing companies are evolving to deal with these changes

The year 2020 was full of uncertainty due to forced shutdown markets scrambling just to keep up. But on the positive side, it compelled most of the industries to evolve their brand digitally. This is the place where digital market companies come into play, they are already prepared for this change and have made certain analyses and predictions that might help them thrive in the year 2021.

One of the primary aspects of any digital marketing agency is SEO (search engine optimization). It must always evolve as the google algorithm is constantly changing. It is safe to say that COVID-19 has little impact on SEO techniques. Some well-known digital marketing agencies have come up with numbers with respect to certain aspects that come under SEO like-


User Experience

Some researches have shown there is a rank shift based on the user experience. If the experience is bad then the user tends to bail on the website otherwise a good user interface can retain the user for a long time.


If you look at numbers

  • According to an article published on Think with Google, more than 33% of users have switched to another company’s websites in just a matter of seconds because they fail to get what they were looking for.
  • More than 54% of users were found to be frustrated due to higher loading time.
  • A little over 39% of users found it convenient to use shopping apps to make any purchase.

Semantic Search

To explain it simply, semantic search is the part where google’s algorithm takes the incomplete, grammatically incorrect, or random search query and directs you to the place you were actually looking for.

If you see the numbers in semantic search, more than 65 % in the mobile searches go for “do I need”, 85% in “can I” and 65 % in “should i”. These are the phrases that have been picked by devices like google assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri. So, it is safe to deduce that digital marketing companies would be needing authoritative, structured, interlinked, optimized, and enriching content to meet the demands of the client.


Search Intent

In 2021, digital marketing companies have to recognize their audience’s intent and questions to achieve a better organic ranking. After a number of updates, the google search experience has become more conversational. It can interpret multiple languages, whether it is long, short, or ridiculous.

Following the number, most brands had witnessed more than 80% brand metric lifts or narrow targeting as compared to demographics-based targeting alone. And according to AHREFs, most brands have achieved more than a 667% increase in organic traffic after optimizing search intent.

Most digital marketing companies recommend focusing on both short and long-tail keywords to rank better on organic searches. Publish a natural FAQ forum based on a conversation of natural queries.


Zero click search results

Other intellectual properties of Google like youtube, snippets, and knowledge graphs are a good way to deliver information without taking a lot of time from the end-user. The user wants the information without spending much time visiting the website.

For example, if you search coronavirus on a google page you will get all the detailed specifications related to it like the number of deaths, countries most affected, and rate of recovery cases.

If you follow the numbers in the past two itself zero-click searches have grown to 11 % also 62% of mobile users do not click on the searched results.

Digital marketing agencies are advising to create a well-optimized video content for youtube, a verified account with a location on google my business and create a schema for FAQs location and events.

In summary, the upcoming year will be a “people first” year, putting the query of the consumer as the priority is the key. And to achieve that digital marketing agencies have to adapt to the new norm of constant change.