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Lead Generation Ideas | Lead Generation Ideas-6 Creative Eg

  • 06 August 2021

Lead Generation Ideas: 6 Creative Examples That Get Results

Lead generation companies are following the best and strong examples for lead generation campaigns. So, a lead generation best practices guide is here to walk you through how to accomplish the goals of an organization.

According to a recent study, 68% of Canadian millennials have bought lead generation because of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

So, what next? Let’s discuss some of the ideas (valuable ideas) that assist entrepreneurs to decide on purchasing the lead generation strategies


6 amazing examples that drive results

Ready? Jump to creative lead generation tactics.


Blog posting is your machine

The Hubspot survey reported that websites with 8 to 9 published blogs per month generate double leads. Therefore, it’s solid proof that blogging is an effective strategy to increase organic leads.

Additionally, try to include the links and call-to-action to your content. There are multiple kinds of blogs you can create, it increases the chances of you to stay loyal to them.
Though content marketing is an efficient marketing style, it’s competitive too. So, it’s essential to curate your blog that has the ability to stand in the crowd.

Your content should be creative, interactive, and productive.

While optimizing the content, SEO professionals should pay attention to its responsiveness. Alert yourself to produce your blog to the right audience.

Your audience falls into four groups such as:

Current audience: Consumers who have purchased your goods and services. Never try to ignore your primary audience ever!

Potential audience: Customers who are your target, and who fit in your product and services. Try to reach them out through your catchy title.

Potential amplifiers: You can say that these customers are your influencers, such as media, niche writers, podcasters, event organizers, and other sources. Ignoring these people can bring a bad time for you.

Broader community: Consumers who consume your content but are from different fields. These people act like word-of-mouth for your website.

Now, it’s time to move into the next strategy.


Email marketing boosts revenue

The simplest and most professional communicating platform is email. Wait! It’s more into just communicating with clients, and that is, it generates leads.

Let’s dive into some tips for lead generation through email marketing.

#tip1: Know about your existing customers’ satisfaction percent. It’s your responsibility to identify, are your potential customers okay with your current offers? If they are, add a link to your mail body ‘Send this offer to your friend’ to encourage people. Open an opportunity and let them share your link to their social networks.

#tip2: Use plain emails instead of fancy HTML, always try to follow the trend. Simple mails quickly earn the trust, plus add a personal tone to increase the conversion rate.

Note that it’s a proven lead magnet and is being followed by 90% of digital marketing agencies. Let’s spread the example through the next strategy.


Social media engages the mass audience

Digital transformation has brought social media to the top of marketing strategy. B2B marketers and B2C marketing companies can blindly follow this tactic for lead generation aspects.

Millennials are following selective social media channels to promote their brand culture. Now, it’s not merely an entertainment scrolling platform, but more that.

You might be thinking about how to generate leads with a social media marketing strategy, so here are the proven points for your reference.

Human interaction plays a crucial role in maximizing traffic. So, a strong database and effective user interaction can build an online presence.

Sharing meaningful posts with smart CTA can assist any brand to fill their web forms. Try to add a calendar for posting on time.

Undoubtedly, companies are utilizing social media platforms, but not rightly. Therefore, they cannot generate qualified leads, hence hiring the best lead generation company to use the channels at full capacity.

Wait. There’s a thing, lead generation strategies are the same but professionals know what fits in multiple brands.

Just building connections is not enough, maintaining the relationship over time is a tough task. So, choose your helping hand wisely.

Now, let’s jump to SEO strategy.


SEO attracts more leads

Let your audience find you easily through search engines. Content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, or proven strategies won’t work unless your website is optimized effectively.

Hubspot model can assist your website to rank on the top of search engines like Google. How? Here are some proven points for your assistance:

Select the targeted keyword, and optimize the complete landing page through a specific keyword. Multiple keywords can confuse Google, resulting in you may lose relevance to the page.

Insert your keywords into H1, H2, and subtitles.

Incorporate long-tail keywords into your content and make them eye-catchy.

Include keywords into meta title, meta description, URL, and optimize the images too. Try to break down your content into clusters to create an efficient internal linking structure.


Include testimonials to attract customers

Feedback is the backbone and the right marketing strategy as prospects trust your customer’s honest review. The study has revealed that 91% check online reviews before making a purchase.

Build a strong relationship with the customer and ask them for testimonials. Try to choose a customer story that is a perfect reflection of your organization. It’s a proven fact that where the crowd stands, new purchasers visit that store.

Remember, the audience is qualitative social proof. Put a video material to attract potential audiences. This lead generation strategy is experimentally proven to attract organic leads.

Always ensure your testimonial to be linked with a genuine customer to boost confidence. Let’s move to the last, not the least marketing strategy.


Push notifications provoke your audience

Now, we’re discussing a new channel to bring back to your website visitors. Giants are showing their interest in push notification lead generation strategy to generate tons of top-of-funnel leads. How?

Coordinate your notification as a pop-up to bring back your visitor. An average CTR stands at 6.26% on Wednesday. Push notification has a healthy click rate of 4-6%.

2009 was the year when the ideal marketing strategy was invented, with the rise in digital marketing, now it’s also in the boom. It consists of a title, message, an image, and a URL.

There are multiple push notifications such as:

  • Web push notification
  • Desktop push notification
  • Mobile app push notification
  • Push notification on wearables
  • Surely, you would love to maintain your consistency.
  • Bottom Line

Implement these lead generation ideas into your website to generate qualified and quantitative leads. Try to see yourself in demand, automatically revenue would be generated!

You’ll avail the leads according to your hard work, so think and act! Feel free to reach out for any guidance.