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How to Use Twitter for B2B Leads Generation?

  • 29 Jan 2020

How to Use Twitter for B2B Lead Generation?

Most people don’t consider Twitter as a marketing tool. But I should confess that the best deals I have ever got are from Twitter.

Twitter is certainly different from other social media platforms but with a proper content strategy and tactics, anyone can crack the code.

I have been using Twitter as one of my marketing tools and seen tremendous results. The tactics I use are simple to execute and thought I should share them with my readers.

So let’s get started-


1. Optimize Your Bio

The first thing people see is your bio so make it engaging. Though Twitter allows only 160 characters to play with but that would be enough to make things happen your way.

Most people think it is the place where you put a description of themselves but believe me nobody is interested to know you. People always look for value. So Provide value.

Some of the best takes from the best Twitter profiles are-

i) Use your Brand Name

You have a choice of putting your name as a username for your Twitter account but as I told you nobody cares who you are but what you do. Put your brand’s name instead of yours makes more sense.

Note: The better option would be using separate accounts for yourself and your brand.

ii) Put links to your best performing or latest content

This is the part you start marketing your brand.

Use catchy titles and links to the most successful or latest content on your website.

iii) Mention your Periodic Offer or Link to Lead Magnet

You probably have created a lead magnet for your b2b lead generation campaign, mention that landing page in your bio but make sure to put two words of valuable content to make your landing page link click-worthy.

iv) Links to your Email Newsletter

Use this tactic when you are not running any lead gen campaign.

Put a link to your most evergreen content and ask to subscribe to your email newsletter.

v) Use hashtags relevant to the content you are putting in your bio.

Don’t miss hashtags relevant to the content you are putting in your bio, it increases the reach of your content. The “Hashtags” is the way Twitter works.

vi) Use Content/Text on the Header Image

Don’t underestimate the header image, keep changing the text that you put on your header image, it increases the attention time of the person who has visited your profile.

Your profile is what you convey to your audience. Make sure you convey the right message to them.


2. Create Content that Hits on Twitter

There is a different ideology behind the content on every social media platform.

The ideology that works behind the content on Twitter is as follows:

  • Keep it Short & Simple-

Twitter is not for sharing long-form content instead use short and simple 1-2 lines of content with the link to your long-form content.

  • Use Visual Content-

Use visual content like photos and videos. They have large engagement potential.

  • Use Facts and Figures to support your say
  • Use newsworthy/trending content
  • Curate content from retweets and replies
  • Don’t forget the hashtags

I have been using this ideology while curating my content and have seen positive results. If you think you have a different one make sure to share in the comment section.


3. Use the Community Engagement Tactic

Twitter provides people to engage with each other as a community. But you would be wondering how you are going to leverage it?

Community is the keyword you are going to use in your Twitter search box.

But the question is- What will you do with that keyword?

The whole point behind this tactic is genuine interaction you have to keep in the following manner-

  • Engage with industry leaders
  • Tapping into the relevant niched audience
  • Providing answers to relevant peoples’ questions
  • Showcasing how you deal with your audience issues

This tactic builds your brand’s credibility and increases the potential of generating leads for your brand.


4. Answer Peoples’ Questions

People keep putting their queries on Twitter make sure to keep a track of them. Answering queries of your audience will increase your credibility in the market and make you recognize in your community.


5. Create Mini-Campaigns for your Long-Form Content

This is one of the best strategies I have used to promote my content on Twitter. What you have do is- collect multiple data points of a long-form content, then use those data points to create a mini-campaign for that long-form content.

Keep tweeting with those data points(make sure they are click-worthy) with the link of your long-form content.


6. Target Events to Reach Decision-Makers

This tactic involves targeting events or conferences instead of people. What you need to do is target people who are following particular events or conferences in your industry.

Events and conferences could be a great source of building your own network and be part of their community. The best thing about finding people following these kinds of events is- those people are already interested to make connections, products/services or business opportunities as you want.

These kinds of people mostly include decision-makers, founders, CEOs, other powerful people in their companies.


7. Influencer Nurturing

Most people think influencer marketing is for Instagram but if you are not using it on multiple platforms you are losing a huge opportunity on other platforms.

You must agree with me when I say- Influencer marketing is the easiest way one can leverage the huge audience in their industry.

Though influencer marketing seems easy but if not done wisely you might end up wasting your resources.

Don’t choose an influencer who just has a huge audience rather choose one who has his/her audience aligning with your industry and your business interest.

You might be wondering- How do you start reaching out to them?

The process is simple. Start following them, read their content, share their stuff, engage through healthy comments in their comments section, ask questions and after all build relationships with them.

Once you have built a healthy relationship with them start sharing your content with them and ask them to share from their behalf with your mention in it or ask them to feature you in their content.


8. Use Follower Targetting to leads from your competitors

This is in other sense is stealing your competitor’s followers. This is one of the best strategies which always pinch them (competitor’s audience) in your favor.

How do you do it?

Well, similar to other market research techniques, research of your competitors and take out their weaknesses or drawbacks which even their audience is pointing out.

Now you have to create an ad campaign promoting content explaining how you are going to solve their problem by being better than your competitor.


9. Automate your Lead Gen Posts

Automating your posts will help you to get your strategy streamlined.

When you have your content strategy in place it might be possible you miss on some of the things while targetting and scheduling your posts. Automating them will ensure you will not miss anything while your content is posted timely.


10. Engage and Entertain

Engage with other peoples’ content with no intention of pitching and converting them into your customers. Just try to be friendly and build relationships with them. This might be the easiest way to increase your followers too.


11. Promotion through Twitter Ads

Most people think ads are made only for generating leads but believe me you can use it as a marketing tool to promote your brand in numerous ways.

Some of the ways that you can use Twitter ads apart from generating direct leads:

Run Website Clicks or Conversion Ads for your most Successful Posts

If you think you have a post that talks about the pain point or bring a lot of value then use that as a promotional tool to drive customers to your website or landing page.

Run Video Ads for your b2b webinar clips

With the same ideology, use Twitter ads for your b2b webinar clips and ask to sign up for your upcoming webinar or put a link to the landing page.

Promote the Downloadable Form of Content

You can also run conversion ads for the downloadable type of content like e-book or pdf on your website.

Don’t underestimate Twitter ads. They are certainly powerful but demands a clear content strategy to follow.


12. Pin Your Most Engaging Tweet

Twitter has this beautiful feature of pinning a tweet at top of your profile feeds, use this feature to pin your most successful or engaging tweet.

You can also pin your tweet which is the most relevant to the trending topic and most importantly, try to keep up with the trend. It is like free promotionof your content.


13. Twitter Polls

Twitter uses polls to engage and educate people. A lot of people follow and participate in these polls.

Create Twitter polls with click-worthy content and relevant to your industry. If people find your pole interesting and valuable they might come to visit your profile which gives you a huge opportunity to have leads.


14. Live Tweet During Major Events

When you attend events or conferences in your industry make sure to make a live tweet whether its post or a video tweet. Though it is always recommended to tweet a live video since videos tend to get more engagement.


15. Track and Measure

If you don’t track your results then don’t know what can be improved and in what way.

You should keep track on the engagement your content is having which can be easily done through the Twitter dashboard.

The other alternative could be- Put a tracking could on the landing page which you are promoting in your Twitter ad campaigns so you know exactly how good is your campaign along with the content that you are promoting.

Observe what kind of content your audience is engaging with. The whole point is Track, Measure and Adjust.

Twitter is one of the strongest platforms that I am using in my b2b lead generation campaigns. What I felt is Twitter is totally different from other social media platforms but it doesn’t mean you don’t bother to try it.

These are some of the tactics I feel I should share, if you think there’s something should be added, make sure to share in the comment section.