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How to do Facebook PPC Well | Tips to start Facebook Ads

  • June. 28 , 2021

How to do Facebook PPC well

Running ads successfully on Facebook is a dream of every business person but not all Facebook PPC can do well. It all depends on Facebook advertising strategies that businesses follow to get a better outcome. Facebook is a pay-per-click marketing channel meaning that you need to pay every time your ad gets clicked by any visitor. Even businesses sometimes are charged according to ad impressions, video views, and other metrics.

Today Social media has emerged as a powerful marketing tool allowing businesses to reach more audiences and improve their brand awareness. The online business over the last many years has become highly competitive and thus businesses look for paid options to reach their targeted buyer. Thus Facebook pay-per-click (PPC) which is commonly known as Facebook Advertising at present is one of the top platforms businesses considered for having enhanced visibility.

Having a solid Facebook PPC strategy proves beneficial in getting more people to your website and boost your sales revenue.


What is Facebook PPC all about?

“Pay-Per-Click” or PPC is online advertising where a company has to pay to the platform only when any visitor clicks on their ad. With time, PPC advertising has gained much popularity in the digital marketing world and helps businesses target people by creating highly targeted ads and generating tangible analytics.

Though many platforms offer PPC advertising, some of the renowned and biggest players include Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising. Facebook gives an option to create your PPC ads within the Facebook Ads Manager but ads run by businesses need to be a standard photo, video ads, or carousel ads.


What are good Facebook PPC strategies?

Experiment placing New differently

When analyzing Facebook advertising costs, it was found that cost-per-click can vary by 700%, if it all depends on the ad placement you’re using. For instance, if you are displaying your Facebook ads referring to the Audience Network, then it can prove cheaper as compared to advertising it via Instagram. But don’t assume that lower cost-per-click price will guarantee to offer you the best results.

It is better to experiment with different Facebook ad placements to look at the best option, and consider the one having the lowest cost-per-conversion and the highest ROI. At present, there are many different Facebook ad placements available in the Ads Manager that one can consider while structuring Facebook PPC.


Create a Facebook Traffic campaign that routes to your home page

One of the most common Facebook ad strategies for getting more traffic to your website is a simple Traffic campaign that encourages people to visit your website post clicking the ad. The majority of the brands use Traffic ads for getting a high volume of new users either to their home page or particular landing pages and later create remarketing ads that help them have more positive customers.

Create Facebook Traffic campaigns like an expert

Not all Facebook Traffic campaigns created by businesses are equal, to make one ads successful, a lot of aspects need to be considered. From creative to campaign setup to targeting the right audience, all are important.

Check out the ways that help create Facebook (and Instagram) PPC campaigns like an expert:

Target more audience. When creating your Facebook ad sets, it is advised to keep your target audience wide rather than narrowing it down as per your interests. Facebook’s algorithms help know what kinds of people click on your ads and how all ad delivery will be. You can refer to the algorithms to evaluate your target audience rather than manually targeting them.

An optimized landing page helps get better results

While setting up the ad sets for your Facebook PPC campaign, you can optimize link clicks and landing page views. Link clicks are being referred to as the total number of link clicks to the destinations on or off Facebook while landing page views on the other hand helps know how many times people loaded your website, post tapping on the ad.

One can easily compare landing page views and link clicks to gather a better understanding of how many people clicked on your ad but left before your website loading.

Use a combination of Facebook Ads & Google AdWords

Though the Facebook ads and Google ads are mostly managed on different platforms, one can use a combination of them to get improved results. Many brands have witnessed better results by referring to different PPC strategies. For instance, one can target a cold audience referring to Facebook ads, targeting Facebook Saved or Lookalike audience with an ad introducing mentioning your product’s benefits can prove beneficial as and when someone taps on the Facebook ad, they will automatically enter into your remarketing funnel. And at this point in time, you can log in to your AdWords account and create a remarketing audience.

So Facebook ads can be used as a top-of-the-funnel marketing tactic and later convert the prospect by referring to other PPC channels to get higher revenues.

Create a Facebook Marketing Funnel

The taste and preferences of people you are targeting on Facebook differ up to a large extent, based on the place in your marketing funnel. A regular Facebook marketing funnel that can be created include four stages:

Attracting cold audiences

Changing warm audience

Changing warm audience

Appreciating your current clienteles

In case, you look for ways of creating better and higher ROI Facebook advertising campaigns, then it is important to think smartly and more effectively. Once you have created a Facebook marketing funnel, bombard your audiences with different kinds of offers and deals you have. It would be easier for businesses to develop the right offers and campaigns for different audiences, and each can deliver better returns.


Have a look at Competitors’ strategy

When it’s about Facebook advertising, all size companies are the same and there is no harm in targeting even the bigger companies. You can use Facebook advertising to target your competitors’ Facebook fans and get some of their customers. For targeting your competitors’ fans, you need to create a Facebook Saved Audience and under the Interests category, you can mention the name of your competitors. For instance, while creating a marketing tool, one can easily target people who have already shown their interest in some of the industry’s big players.

You can have unlimited benefits of targeting your competitors’ fans and you don’t have to explain much about your offerings as they already know about your products and offerings. Creating Facebook Saved Audiences is the simplest option to create a more encouraging marketing audience. Don’t neglect your competitors at this point in time, rather add a new feature in your Facebook marketing toolset to get the desired results.


Improve your remarketing

If you want to stay connected with your audience who have referred to your offerings in the past, then these cold audiences can easily be reached via display advertising and Facebook Saved Audience targeting. Businesses looking to reach all prospects across their entire marketing funnel, need to majorly use remarketing tactics.

Since people are already familiar with your brand and the kind of offerings you have, you don’t have to waste much time explaining to them about their offerings. One can set up new remarketing audiences by installing the Facebook Pixel and creating new Custom Audiences. Some of the ways by which remarketing audiences can be targeted include:

  • By creating particular landing page visitors
  • People who have visited the Pricing page
  • People who abandoned their shopping cart
  • Your blog readers and fans
  • Customers who already purchased from you

When targeting your remarketing audiences, also include the people who have already purchased something from your company in the past.

Use Facebook ads to get more followers

By having more followers on pages like Facebook, etc. companies can build trust around their brand. Instagram Stories is the last placement in the Facebook ecosystem that got noticed by 100% of the followers, so referring to this channel can help grow your Instagram followership amongst more people.

Experiment With Facebook Lead Ads

If you want to have more effective Facebook marketing then you need to convert people from one stage to the next and the best option to do so is to use Facebook Lead Ads in your PPC strategy. One of the major benefits of referring to Lead ads rather than using regular Facebook ads is that people can easily download the information without leaving Facebook’s platform.

Once a person taps on the “Download” call-to-action button or anywhere else on your ad, a new pop-up window will be displayed on the screen having all details about their contact.


How PPC via Facebook Advertising Works

First of all, you need to decide on an objective after considering your business goals and what stage of the funnel you’re trying to target. Since Facebook offers different marketing objectives based on stages of the buyer’s journey, it is you who needs to decide about the stage.

After that, your Audience - Facebook gives an option to marketers to create highly targeted ads so that they can target a specific range of customers only. One can easily create custom audiences referring to the following:

  • Basic Targeting is done based on the location, Age, Gender, Language
  • Detailed Targeting is done according to Demographics, Interests, Behaviors.
  • Target by Connections: You can target people that like your Facebook page, friends of people that like your Facebook page, etc. to build repo with them.

After that you need to decide about Facebook ad placement, as in where you want these ads to be displayed.

How one can measure the ROI of Facebook Campaigns

The best option to determine whether Facebook PPC is worthy for your business or not is by measuring how much ROI you are getting. The Facebook Ads are relatively cheaper as compared to other paid options, so if you have created better and right campaigns, it is something worth pursuing.

Measuring the ROI of your Facebook ads is based on the ad’s objective you selected in the beginning. For instance, if you want to improve your brand visibility, then you need to look at metrics like impressions and engagement. Other parameters that can be checked include:

Conversions - Since the ultimate goal of every business is to get people down the funnel, measuring conversion rates for these ads is important.

Traffic – Other thing is traffic, are the ads helpful in increasing the traffic to your website?

Cost Per Click – You need to look and see how much you have invested on generating each click to your website.

Facebook PPC has all the abilities to help marketers step up their campaigns and get better results. To know whether they are worthy or not, it is important to industry benchmarks, overall budget, future goal, targeted audience, etc. to make Facebook PPC a grant hit.

Facebook advertising is an imperative method of building connections with your targeted audience through the world’s largest social network. So to get the best results, it’s important to adhere to the Facebook PPC targeting options before you dive in.