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Franchise Model Benefits and Importance - L4RG.com

  • 14 July 2020

Franchise Model - Benefits and Importance


What is a Franchise Model?

A franchise is a type of business that is operated by an individual known as a franchisee using the trademark, branding, or business model of a franchisor. In the franchise model, there is a legal and commercial relationship between the organization which is the franchisor, and the individual known as the franchisee.

In simple words, we can say that a franchisee is licensed to use a franchisor’s trade name and operating systems. In order to use the rights of the franchisor’s business model which means to sell the product or service, the franchisee has to pay a certain amount to the franchisor which is known as Royalty. The franchisor after receiving the royalty will provide training, support and maintenance, and operational instructions to the franchisee. Both franchisee and franchisor sign a legal agreement with the specified terms and conditions in it.

In this blog, the L4RG team will discuss some of the best advantages of implementing the franchisee model in the business.


So, let’s start reading the blog and know more about the benefits of the franchise model:-

Making Brand More Popular

Contrasted with a new business, a franchise conveys a brand that a significant number of individuals are as of now aware of. Franchise business as of now has a moment review, particularly in case you're opening up a store almost a current franchise.

On the head of this, franchise openings have just thought of the best marking and promoting procedures for the business. You should simply duplicate the layouts and follow what existing franchises are doing.


Fewer Expenses and More Profit

It is a fact that starting up a new business is extremely costly, but putting up a franchise business is a lot more cost-friendly.

While dealing with the franchise model, you need to pay the franchise fee, local permits, and licenses, location rentals as well as initial supply and salary too. This streamlined list of expenses is much easier to handle and can encounter all the financial concerns which may affect the flow of your business.

Good Business Model

Most of the franchise opportunities have been tested by their respective business owners, especially when it comes to its business model. Buying a franchise means getting full access to the business, this will be very helpful for the business owners. With franchise model one can simply pay attention to pay the franchise fee and have to agree on the franchise agreements. With this business model, the franchise owner will be able to get more benefits.

Collaboration with Franchisors

One of the best benefits of buying a franchise is that someone else is working with your team to ensure the success of your business. When you get a franchise business, one can automatically receive the opportunity to collaborate with the franchisor. People who have opened up their business for franchise owners are very much aware of their success.

Below are a few things which you can expect from collaborative efforts with the franchisor:

  • Training in all operational movements
  • Shared resources for advertising and marketing
  • Guidance from a business expert to hone your own leadership and business management skills

10 Reasons to become an L4RG Franchisee:

  • L4RG will create your Franchisee Website, with your address & contact details with your own personal email address creation linked with inquiry form - ready for you to go to marketing immediately.
  • Google My Business (Google Map) listing of your Franchisee by L4RG.
  • Facebook - Business Pages for your Franchisee.
  • Take benefit of Brand Recognition & trust winning Portfolio of L4RG for your marketing needs.
  • Detailed training documentation & support on sales and marketing, project management, and other essential skills for the quick growth of your business will be given by L4RG.
  • A detailed plan on how to realistically achieve Rs. 8 - 10 lakh per annum earnings from 1st year of the business itself with the L4RG brand.
  • Our amazing team of expert designers and developers available to deliver all of your projects.
  • All marketing material will be provided, including support in creating your business cards, brochures, business mail accounts, and much more.
  • Hosting and business development support for your clients.
  • An LMS – Lead Management Software of CRM for the sales team to manage sales client data & follow clients smoothly to enhance your Sales. Franchisees can manage to account & invoicing & check sales team performance and daily work reports in the same.

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Our Process some simple steps to get the best performance

  • Sign Up & Agreement: Partner with L4RG India to sell its services in your Territory by Taking L4RG Franchise.
  • Franchise Office, Setup & Launch: Set up a Franchise Office, Sales Team, and infrastructure.
  • Training & on Boarding: Training by L4RG India to your Sales Team.
  • Helping Businesses & Growth: Technical Services & Customer Support will be provided by L4RG.
  • Revenue Generation & Growth: You get income & growth as committed

Final Thoughts

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