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E-commerce Website Design Tips To Follow In 2020 - L4RG Blogs

  • 29 Jun 2020

eCommerce Website Design Tips To Follow In 2020

In this digital age, everything keeps changing very fast. New trends keep emerging and if we miss those new trends then we are creating a risk of losing customers and decreasing our business revenue simultaneously.

You must have noticed physical shops even change the design of their shops according to the trend? In the age of digitalization even if you are owning an eCommerce website then you should not miss the new trends. The good thing about the eCommerce website designing is, These are easier to upgrade.

A good eCommerce design should create an outstanding customer experience and should be simple to browse and should be user-friendly. With the help of flawless website designs impeccable products or services, your website can stand out from others.

This digitalization changes each and everything to a digital world. For example, if your website’s design is not user-friendly then there is a great chance of losing customers, no matter how good your products are. In order to avoid this type of scenario, let’s have a look at a few eCommerce website design trends in 2020.


Use Vivid Colors and Keep it Simple:-

While creating your eCommerce website you always think of making it simple and sober. You may see the common phenomena of choosing pastel and simple colors in most recent e-commerce websites you have visited. These colors and design themes are good but with more and more usage of the pattern, the designs are getting repetitive and boring. Everyone wants to stand out from others and with these, you won’t. Try to show your brand identity and play more with the colors.

Using vivid colors will help in grabbing people’s attention. Feel free to do experiments with the colors and saturation. The only thing you should be careful about while doing any experiment is keeping the website simple and not causing headaches to customers with a super colorful site.

This is something one should keep in mind for getting more customers. It is easy to do with some clauses and can make your eCommerce website more popular than your competitors.


Making your Website Device and Design Responsive:-

This is not a point to discuss in 2020. If you are developing an eCommerce website the first thing you should keep in mind the responsiveness of the website. Making your mobile-friendly device responsive is so important that many eCommerce platforms focus more on mobile versions rather than desktop.

According to a report in 2019 58% of the world’s total population prefers mobile websites rather than desktop websites.

The advantage of focusing on design responsiveness is that you don’t need to create an entirely different mobile version for the same. With the help of responsive design, the website adapts the features of the device. The only thing you have to do is to test the layouts, links, fonts, images, and how they are being displayed.


Using 3D Modeling to Showcase Products:-

3D animation helps in gaining more customer attraction. With the help of this, you can show your products from different perspectives. As we all know people sometimes don’t read the product description, But with the help of 3D models, it looks interesting and allows users to navigate and check the product.

This increases the chances of generating more business.


Stand Out from Your Competitors with asymmetric layouts:-

Asymmetric layouts are also a great and trendy option if you want to stand out from competitors and grab more user attention. Designing an asymmetric layout is very risky, so you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t go too far while working with this.

These layouts help in easy navigation and the user can see the relevant information more efficiently.


Typography - Use Big Fonts or Massive Texts:-

In the past, fonts and typography were not so important for designing a website. With the changing trends, the focus now has shifted to new font styles and typography. Sometimes the fonts and the text can speak louder than the images as it can give the exact point to capture your imagination. This is the main idea behind using big fonts.

Using big letters is quite impressive and the images created can attract more customer’s attention towards the website. This is something new in the eCommerce trend and is helping many business owners to get more engagements.


Final Thoughts:-

When visiting a website, users can decide within 10 seconds or less about whether to trust your company or not, based on your website design. This means being the owner of the website you have only 10 seconds or even less than that to gain the trust of your customers.

How can you do that? Just follow the simple tips and always walk toe to toe with the latest trends and never miss them.

People shop more and more using mobile devices and making your website mobile-friendly goes a long way in building your brand and gaining trust. Use 3D modeling to showcase your products more efficiently. Go ahead try these trends and stand out from your competitors.