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24 B2B Lead Generation Strategy That Actually Work In 2020

  • 25 Mar 2020

24 B2B Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work In 2020

Reaching out to your target audience and generating leads for your B2B lead generation campaigns is not as easy as it seems.

Although there are multitudinous ways you can target or reach to your target audience, but there is no one fix for all.

The strategies that work for a B2C marketplace may not work for a B2B SAAS software service.

To have things in your favour the first thing you have to do is to do thorough market research.

You have to set B2B lead generation goals for your campaigns so that you measure track and develop your strategies as you move along.

Let’s discuss the B2B lead generation strategies that we use to target and acquire leads for our campaigns.


1. Content Marketing

The first contact you can make with the online audience is through content and the content is the only thing today that drives people to their actions.

So the bottom line is you need to create content that solves the pain point of your audience.

The question is how should strategize your content delivery?

The first thing you should do is to know your customer well.

Do thorough research and create buyer personas depending on the content you would be creating.

Let’s us know what buyer personas are so that you can optimize your lead generation campaigns accordingly.

i) Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are fictional and generalized representations of your ideal customers.

These are a documented list of your audience interests, hobbies, demographics from career history to information of their family members. Challenges or pain points, goals and motivations everything around which you can make the drive.

It is the complete customer journey from on how he/she is going to come to you through all his/her struggle in finding the right content that you provide them.

These will help you discover your customer better and help you to tailor personalized strategies for them.

There is a concept called AIDA Model which discusses content delivery to your audience.

ii) AIDA Model

Awareness- Grab attention through brand recognization.

Interest- Bringing thoughts and discussion about the brand.

Desire- Increasing desire through social media and email marketing.

Action- Making the audience to take the required action.

This model discusses the phases in your B2B lead generation campaigning and gives you an idea of what content to be delivered in what phase.

iii) Personalized Content

Your content is the backbone of your website. Content is not a thing for a search engine to crawl and rank but it is for your audience to read.

It must have a purpose to solve a real problem.

Content plays a huge role in a lead generation strategy but the question arises: how it will going to help in converting your audience into your real customers?

Start with the proper competitor research that will help you discover the right content strategy then ask these questions to have more clarity:

What keywords to focus on?

What content to write that aligns with your audiences’ queries?

What type of content satisfies your audience?

What content medium your audience prefer to consume the content in?

Getting these answered will help you to get a clear picture with your lead generation campaign.

iv) Gate your Content Strategically

Gating your content is a very direct way of collecting your visitors’ data.

But you have to be very careful while gating your content. If you gate your content before properly nurturing your audience they will not appreciate the value your gated content will be providing.

Your lead has to be properly nurtured before they get to see you gated content so that they will love to share their details in exchange for your gated content.


2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most used B2B lead generation tactics but is eventually misunderstood and not done correctly which ultimately results in bad conversion rates.

One of the advantages of email marketing is its flexibility to be easily automated. It demands little time and effort in optimization and automation but the result it yields is sweeter.

Some ideas that can help you automate and refine your email marketing strategy are:

i) Lead Segmentation and Lead Scoring

Lead segmentation would be the first process when you have your email list in place.

The goal of lead segmentation is bringing clarity of each lead in your email list so that you know how each one of them should be treated.

In simple words, lead segmentation involves mapping your leads on the basis of their-