L4RG is all about marketing and helping businesses to achieve their marketing goals in a time-bound manner. L4RG provides all-inclusive 360-degree marketing to elevate businesses with greater visibility and revenue generation. With its complete set of assets, L4RG is providing result-oriented ATL, BTL and TTL Levels of Marketing which can completely transform a business.

ATL Marketing

ATL (Above the Line Marketing) a form of marketing strategy that communicates towards the wider audience. All the advertising is untargeted, meaning they do not have any specific target audience or niche.

The ideology behind this marketing strategy to inform the customer about the new product or services helps the companies to reach large audiences, enhance customer base, and create brand visibility at the same time. At L4RG we believe ATL as the first key touch down before converting the audience into prospects for the business.

Platforms to Implement ATL Activity

  • Television: Advertising campaigns directed at the regional or national level
  • Print media: Promotional messages in newspapers, online articles, and advertisements
  • Radio: PAN-country or PAN-city, radio broadcasts

Below the Line (BTL) Marketing

BTL (Below the Line Marketing) a focused form of marketing. This form of advertising is specified towards the group of the customer. If you are looking for conversions: then this would be the best advertising option available.

Eminently targeted, advertising crafted keeping demographic information and psychographic behavior of a particular customer segment. The other major advantage of BTL Marketing is that you can track the performance of your campaign and make changes accordingly. Moreover, the target audience is very precise to ultimately gain conversation. L4RG with years of marketing experience and insights makes sure you get metrics-steered conversion tracking and lead generation.

Platforms to Implement BTL Activity

  • Outdoor advertisements: Billboards, fliers, banners, sandwich boards, and so on
  • Direct marketing: SMS, emails, social media posts, pamphlets
  • Sponsorship: Events, competition
  • Public Relations: Press conferences, viral marketing
  • In-store promotion: Visual merchandising, retailer pop-ups, sampling, sales promotions

Implementing TTL Marketing

TTL (Through the Line Marketing) It’s the Core, where both ATL and BTL marketing strategy merge each other This marketing strategy is performed to get a comprehensive view of the market to reach and engage with a customer in every way possible.

L4RG takes keen interest in implementing all the levels of TTL Marketing as it gives the businesses full authority and the vision to utilize the complete 360 degree marketing prowess of L4RG

  • 360-degree marketing:Using both ATL and BTL activities – for example, a television advertisement supplemented with pamphlets of the product attached to newspapers.
  • Digital marketing:Online banners and buttons, social media posts, blog articles.

Considering both ATL and BTL marketing strategies leads to improved brand visibility and brand recall. It’s like you are reaching your audience in every way possible using every possible medium online or offlines leads to higher chances of conversion.

MLM marketing

L4RG through its wide range of networking and campaigning has successfully created various notable MLM models for businesses to efficiently increase their sales and revenue B2C. MLM by L4RG is a commission based form of marketing, where an independent representative sells the product or services from a company to an end consumer.

Income earned in MLM not only comes from the commission earned from the personal sales but also earned from the percentage of the sales earned by the reps recruited.

Our Mantras to be Successful in MLM

  • Do your research! Study the company history and compensation plan. Understand the regulation of money and recommendation for marketing your business.
  • Be selective! Find the company that is a member of the “Direct Selling Association” ensures members uphold the code of ethics.
  • Ensure to choose the product or services you are interested in and get enthusiastic sharing about with others.